About Me, Dennis Mitton

Is that not the greatest photo you’ve ever seen? I keep asking if its real or photo-shopped and no one has pulled the plug on me yet.

I’ve been writing now for a couple decades. At first, I wrote for magazines – mostly craft type magazines – that folded years ago for whatever reason. More recently, I’ve sold to a few literary magazines and self-published a couple books. It can change in the blink of an eye, but, for now, I’ve given up traditional publishing, having decided to focus on just writing. I know: this isn’t the way to fame and fortune. Oh, well. I write new stuff and dig out all kinds of writing from twenty years of publishing four or five sites and from essays and email before that. I’m shameless and will publish anything about anything I’m interested in.

I hope it’s a refreshing anomaly, but I don’t use social media and don’t sell anything here and I don’t require that you sign up for anything to look at a story or an essay. It’s all free. Truthfully, and this is kind of weird even to me, I try to make it a little hard for you. I assume you have better things to do and an happy to shuttle you off to something better. If you’re looking, it’s easy to lose hours of life at chess.com or Instagram.

I’ve spent most of my working life betweem science and building. Its an odd pair but worked well for me. I did medical research for a while , looking at the neuroscience of addiction and at plant genomes but spent most of my days in nuclear plants. My favotite job ever was working for largest utilty as a niclear ecology specialist. IT sounds much bigger than it is: I mostly spent time – lot sof time – writing arcane reports for the NRC about hos we are doing what we say we are doing. Yes, people pay you for this. What evern better is that twelve other people – all paid as well – have to approve what hyou write before you  hit the send button.


How to use the site

Obviously, there’s a menu above. Use it for big picture topics. If you want something specific or more honed, use the search bar. I pubish everything in The Library, according to the date of publication.

If you’re interested, I do a Sunday Lesson where I write about a Christian topic I hope you can use. I publish it at 1:35 on Sundays, but you can always sign up for notices if you want to be reminded.


I have what I call a hippie hangover. Mostly this means I am woefully  optomistic. As a woefully optomistic Christian with a hippie hangover I am still in love with singer  Keith Green. What I am most impressesd with about Green was his give what you can afford policy for his music. Atsome point, he and his wife came to a point where it bothered them they they were selling would they had freely recieved and they began letting the buyer set the price for thier albums and concerts. It did n’t catch on.

I do the same thing here. I have npthing against artisans who disagree: Ive written for money and I spent several yeras making custom furniture for clientelle. I know how how it is to make a living doing what ou love. unless, of couree, what you love is nuclear chemisty and phjysics, from which I made a quite tidy living for much of my adult life. I’m also blessed with a wonderfully healthy family that doesnt need daily care, so theere’s no cost there. I might be telling a very different sory if I needed a thousand dolars of medicine each month just to keep a child alive.

All that being said, everythign I do here and else wheree is free. There are no memberships or tiers of giving that lets you purchase somethign or any other thing makers do. I reaaed the gospels and cannot help but think G knows whwat I need and can arranage those needs to be met.

So, I do whatever I do for free. I write for free and speak for free.