Losing all my stuff…

Many moons ago, I asked a friend to watch over my music stuff while I worked out of state. I played in almost any band that would have me and had all the normal gadgets for gigs. The amps and mics, the stands and stuff were all straightforward and easily had. But the guitars? They were special.

I was lucky enough to have an actual-real-live Gibson Les Paul that my parents bought me when I was around fourteen. I have no idea what they paid for it, or why they splurged like that, and can only imagine what it’s worth now. Those Fenders my friends had were too twangy for me. I loved the sustain and weighty mahogany of my Gibson.

I saved up and bought myself a Gibson 12-String Hummingbird: a nice guitar in its own right, but perfect for wooing gals in the 70s. I had a bit of a Led Zep hippie hangover, and it was great for that. 

Unfortunately, though, when I returned home from work, all of my gear was gone. My buddy said it had been stolen at a party. Later on, our friendship secure, he admitted that he traded it for a hit of coke. Someone got a real bargain out of that, but it sure wasn’t me.

You might guess where this goes. I came home from work, and the gear was gone. Everything. Stolen at a party, my buddy said. Years later, our friendship securely intact, he admitted that he gave it away for a hit of coke. Someone got a good deal out of that, and it wasn’t me.


Last year, I decided to get a steel-string acoustic. I already have a Yamaha nylon-stringed classical that I studied with for years, but the neck is as wide as the Los Angeles freeway. I have a Fender 12-string, too. It was my dad’s that I got after he died. It wasn’t expensive, but I enjoy it just because it was his. I also have a Korean Les Paul copy given to me by a friend who has 43 guitars hanging on the walls of his ‘jam room.’ It’s just as heavy as a real one and plays well, but it’s not a Gibson.

I kept tabs on the price of Epiphone Hummingbirds for a year. I’ve always liked Epiphones even though they’re poor siblings to their pricier Gibson brethren; but they play well and are affordable. Recently, I saw the price of the tobacco sunburst model drop to below four hundred bucks. Having already decided, I made the purchase.

FedEx delivered it to my house yesterday, tucked safely into a cardboard box that looked just like a case. In fact, I’m keeping it until I buy a case Everything looked perfect – not a single scratch or nick – and the settings were spot on. It was tuned a couple steps low for shipping, but so far has kept tune well. I look forward to a long and happy relationship!

Now it’s on to the Alex Lifeson model Les, or maybe I’ll jump all the way out of the box for a Parker Fly? Who knows. If you hear of a Parker in nice condition dropping to below four hundred bucks. Email me. Heck, call me. Collect if you need to.

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