Today was my rock-and-roll-church day. I make the rounds of several churches and today was the multi-site’s turn, filled with lots of guitar, lots of drumming, and lots a very excited younguns. But not all the good folks are younger than me. There’s a sizable group of old men here – older than me anyway – and it’s nice to see the mix. I’m guessing that the median age of my home church is close to 50 and it is suffocatingly boring to some.

I noticed something today. Not really good and not really bad but definitely something. Of the ten or twenty truly old guys, I noticed at least half of them wear their phone in some kind of a belt contraption that holds it in place. You’ve seen them. They were a snappy accoutrement in 1995 when you wanted to show off. Today, if I saw a phone hanging on a belt, it was on one of these guys.

I don’t normally take my phone to church and, if I do, I turn it off or keep it in airplane mode. For my kids, this is probably as archaic as hanging it on your belt.

So, FWIW – and that ain’t much – if you hang your phone of your belt like Batman did in the old days, or if you wear Sketcher running loafers, you’re probably old, probably a man, and probably don’t care.