I’ve had a lot of jobs in my short life. As a wee bairn, I started out mowing lawns and picking raspberries, and ended up – in regards to paid work, anyway – as an environmental chemistry specialist at a nuclear plant. People don’t always believe me, but I did a stint for a couple years as a brain surgeon doing medical research – on rats. But after a recent trip to Home Depot, I’ve decided that if I get fired from my current vocation, I want a job naming paint colors. 

Have you ever spent time looking at the paint chips?

We’re painting my daughter’s room this weekend, so I stare at Moonlit Snow and am carried immediately to nights at Snoqualmie Pass, snowboarding down a steep slope, thinking the moonlit snow is quite beautiful, a light blue with a purply overtone. Or undertone. I don’t know the difference. Then there’s Shoelace that looks like I imagine my shoelaces did when I was picking said raspberries. Like when mom told me to “take those damned shoes off before you step inside this house!” It’s funny, but Apple Core is just a shade away, and it’s nice. What would you want on the walls while dining on your bifteck au poivreApple Core or Shoelace

In The Moment is too dark for me, but maybe when you’re in the moment, you want it dark to hide imperfections? I don’t know. If I’m In The Moment, I want something reminiscent of Cuban Mahogany, a deep reddish-brown, speckled with colors, reminding me of books on a shelf. Then there’s the light-greenish-brown-mossy-gold called Veil of Dusk that might go well with snow lightly lit by the moon where a bookcase of Cuban Mahogany rests, full of favorite and oft read books. Classics, of course.