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TBI Tuesday – Good stuff from Beth Moore

Beth Moore talk Train Your Brain

As a recipient of the coveted diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury only four short years ago, I continue to be interested in anything neuro. This didn’t start with my accident: I was a research technician in a neuro lab at the university of Washington Medical School, where we worked with the neurology of addiction. So my interest is long standing. And I hope to heaven that G isn’t really a rat.

I’m also a Christian. That before my accident, too. So, I was interested in a talk from my favorite Episcopalian Beth Moore about training your brain. Anything fitting under the heading of “be transformed by the renewing of your mind,” holds my interest.

There’s lots here, and not just about the brain. But, l learned a lot and will think and pray hard about the question “what if the lane G gives you is a wide as a freeway?”

The talk is in two parts, and Ms Moore is in her element here, with Southern charm and big hair.

For part one, go here. Once done, the next part is here.

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