Crumb – Real crumbs falling from a real table…

Home from the horse barn, my wife tossed two bags of chocolate and a cake onto the counter.

“Man,” I said, “is this all for your meeting?” (She has a meeting this afternoon that might prove to be contentious…)

“No. This is for me. This is the kind of day I’m having.”

I’m not that smart, really, but I’m smart enough to know this isn’t the time to talk about framing and how what we expect to be true often becomes true just because we expect it..

“Hon? You just go be yourself. You have great ideas. If others don’t like them, well, they have different goals. It’s not your decision.”

She gave me that look.

“Text me when you leave the meeting,” I said. “I’ll have cake and ice cream waiting for you when you get home.”

“That’s more like it,” she says, almost squeaking a smile.




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