Here’s an example of the weird things my wife and kids live with. I was outside, taking out the trash like a good husband, and was diverted by a few beetles. June bugs.

“Man,” I said to the girls, back int he house. “I just saw something really cool!”

“What?” they asked together, twinishly.

“I just took the trash out and saw two apparently male june bugs whipping up on each other. One finally scooted away, and the other jumped atop the other one left. The one not in the fray. I’m guessing that the winning male jumped the waiting female.”

Again, in concert: “Ugh. Like I really needed to know that.”

“Hey,” I said. “It’s evolution. It’s the reality of things. You both want to be scientists…get used to it.”

I didn’t mention it, but this is generally how nature works. Males duke it out in whatever form the species chooses, and when one of them wins, he gets to mount the female.