My daughter is changing schools and her new school needs a copy of her official transcript from the old school. I went to the old school to nab said transcript and followed an Indian family out. For whatever they were doing, everyone showed up from kids to parents to grandparents. I presume it was Dad who went out first, and a son of maybe 14 years old grabbed the door. Mom went out, and it surprised me when she stopped and said to the boy, “Hold the door for that man.” That man was me.

I thanked young son for his courtesy and thought about a time twenty years ago when I went to a Russian church in Seattle. I went there because I was, and am a Christian, and because I wanted to work on my Russian by talking to native speakers.

It overwhelmed me. Hear and think what you will about these folks, but almost every person in that room sought me out to thank for coming and to invite me back. Not just the old folk, either, but kids, too. What was really weird was that I sensed they meant it. It wasn’t like when I kept mouthing off in Mrs. Dean’s class, and Dad made me apologize.

“Ugh, Mrs. Dean, my dad says I have to apologize to you.”

“Thank you, Dennis,” she said, laughing, knowing my apology was no such thing.

So, take what you will from this non-scientific observation. Let me know what you think!