Books might be a nicer and more civil alternative to MTV’s Celebrity Death Match when it comes time to settle a score, but they’re not half the fun. And here, in this book, A Brief History of the Druids, there is a huge amount of very academic and erudite information concerning the Druids and Celtic history. But the author isn’t writing to me. Or to you. Instead, he writes to author Nora Chadwick, another historian with opinions about the Druids. Opinions that apparently differ from those of Ellis on key points of Celtic lore.

So be it. If Druids are your thing, you’ll likely find the book interesting, though maybe dry and academic. If you’re looking for something to read along with your stack of vampire or werewolf comics, though, you’ll likely find it long and tiresome.


A Breif History of the Druids on Amazon.
Britannica writes about the Druids here.
Here is a site about Druids told by Druids themselves. Lots of good stuff.

My general advice concerning your sweat and blood always applies: buy from neighbors who don’t work against causes you believe in. I urge you, then, to traipse down to your local book store or library to get the book.

Merci and Selah!

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