Off to Greenville


Went to Greenville today for the SC State Swim Meet. Had a great time, and Madi landed in the state for the 100 breast. She missed a sectional cut by three-one-hundredths of a second. Ugh. So she did a time trial after the meet and beat her almost-made-it time by half a sec. Man. Stress pulls stuff out of this girl. Now we go to regionals in Raleigh in mid-March. The race there is for kids from SC, NC, GA, VA, and AL. TN maybe, too. The best of the best. Kind of. She seems to rise to the competition, so we have another month of obsessing, no sugar, workouts, and mom’s obsessions, too.

Lounging and wondering

While lounging at the motel wondering about my writing, my ministry, and my list of 1500 things to do, I had a revelation. A revelation that any sane person would see without revelation. I DON’T HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING ON THE LIST BY NEXT WEEK. Not by next year, and not in ten years. The list is for me. It’s not my boss and pays me no salary. So – ever nice to myself – I give myself a year to get this stuff done.

  1. I want a more businesslike approach to my writing.
  2. I’m listing everything I need to get done to the house.
  3. I want this to be a year of change. For my health? Drop wt to below 190. I want to learn rudimentary Spanish and help M and R with their homework. I want a deeper relationship with Mal. Mostly I want a deeper relationship with G and my Christianity and learn to walk under the guidance of the HS.
  4. I want to finish everything I have left half done. This is my “be like Scott’ comparison. Scott is Mal’s brother, and the family makes fun of him for his obsessive level of excellence. Let me tell ya, when he starts something, it’s gonna get done. And look beautiful. And work perfectly.

Ta da.

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