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Lifespan by David Sinclair

Astral Codex Ten is a substack I follow. Topics and discussions are usually long-form, and it’s a site that keeps the Internet’s promise: lots of information and great discussions with people knowledgeable and wanting to learn what they can. Spend ten minutes surfing ‘abortion’ on Twitter, and you’ll see the other, creepy and mean side of this coin. It’s a coin that almost everyone carries.

Lifespan is a newish book by biologist and smart guy David Sinclair. He has particular views about aging, some of which run afoul of current thinking. I don’t this he’s worried. His ideas are not quite bedrock science. Instead, they’re very smart presumptions based on the science we do understand. Time and research will tell if he’s right. He sees aging as something more reducibly simple than I do, but he’s David Sinclair.

The book is on my TBR list – go here on Goodreads to see it in all its glory – and this review makes me want to move it up a few notches. Moving a book on your TBR list up or down should be, in my most humble opinion, the goal of any review. This one is long, and erudite, with lots of biology. General readers might not like the Astral Codex Ten review, and I get it. Those of a biological bent, though, who think about aging, or who are aging, will find it interesting. Just to warn you: it’s more than a simple review of Sinclair’s book and delves into the minutiae of his arguments.

Just in case your eyes glaze over before you make it to the end, I’ll say here what I say in all my reviews: I don’t make one red cent from Amazon for pushing you to their site. I tried the affiliate program once but didn’t make enough dough for them, and they kindly asked me to leave. I still use them due to their convenience and ubiquity though I always encourage readers to waltz down to your local bookstore if you have one left. I don’t.

Also, check out Astral Codex Ten. I have no idea what that means or where it comes from, but there’s a lot of really interesting and well-written stuff there.

To read the review natively, go here.

From Astral Codex Ten:

There you go. Whew. Cheers and here’s to living a long life.

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