The problem with termites

The problem with termites

Act quickly when you see them, and it’s an easy fix. If you wait until later? Not so much.


I don’t remember where I heard this first, but it applies to everything you stick your fingers into. Kudos to whomever first made the connection.

It’s the problem of termites. Lots of problems come and go, and most will take care of themselves. But, when you see a termite in the framing of your house? Then you have entered into a situation where you will positively have to act. The very fact that you see this tiny translucent bug with its trail of powdery spit and poop left behind means that you must act.

You can act now, and your options are usually easy and comparatively inexpensive. You can act later, but your options will be expensive, invasive, and possibly catastrophic.

So be on the lookout for termites.