Pough Journal

I read and enjoy Plough as a thoughtful Cristian journal. Whereas some journals of this kind focus on personal holiness and some point directly at current social issues, Plough, in my ever so humble opinion, does both and does both well. As they should. Holiness and justice are as wrapped around each other as a weiner in a bun. It’s a disservice to pull them apart.

Here is a letter I wrote to the journal in response to their essay Where Are the Churches in Canada’s Euthanasia Experiment by Benjamin Crosby.

I’m not sure if there is a paywall to read, but if there is, sigh up and pay. It’s good and thoughtful reading.

Read the essay here.

My letter:

Years ago – decades ago – I read something Francis Schaeffer wrote regarding the then-new tussle over abortion on demand. He feared that if abortion were available as a simple option, a yes or no, and if the state blessed such a decision, we weren’t far from babies, medicine, and life itself being a state commodity, handed out as a benefit to good citizens. He saw this as a harbinger of a time when individuals will have no say about desires or rights but will be chastised by those inconvenienced by a child or of the cost of saving a life, chastised for stealing what could benefit in a different statistical bracket.

I wonder if his fears are sitting on our doorstep? I’ve had an item on my to-do list for a couple of years now: Complete Canadian Citizenship Paperwork? I’m glad I saw this essay and will want to give it more thought before checking this off.

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