This journal entry is seventeen years ago almost to the date of this posting. Not a lot of insight here, but I remember well the days of IVF. Everything was an emergency. We talked about it just the other day: I gave give Mal a shot in the booty every morning with some thick oily stuff I forced through a needle as thick as yarn. I hated it. So did she, but there was no arguing about doing it. This was how it worked, and we were doing it. End of story. She gave herself eight or ten shots a day in the belly, too, with an insulin syringe. Piece of cake, she said. We have twin girls now to show for our work and perseverance. Glory be as the old folks say. Well, older than me.

June 1, 2006

Woke up this morning to an absolute racket of crows. I expected to see a dead dear laying the driveway outside the bedroom window, softening up for the crow’s feast, but no: just a murder of crows having a great time seeing if they can get the pale biped out of bed to look out the window.

Went with Mal to our IVF doc. We race like crazy people in our Saab carrying our sample for technicians to spin down and separate out the fastest swimmers. Mal is on drugs to ovulate at least a couple of eggs, maybe more. Sometimes more, since this is our third try. For all I know, she could be cooking even as I write.

The trip wasn’t all fun and games. We got on the freeway, and cars were backed up for two miles. She was so mad I thought she would puke. But we snaked through a back way and made it on time for our procedure.

In an entirely and completely unrelated aside, I just watched Tora, Tora, Tora. I saw it with Alfred in downtown Tacoma on a cool summer evening when we were twelve years old. I have the vaguest of memories of walking out of the theater and almost shouting about how STUPID the military was. Clearly, we had instantly become smarter than any historian, airplane pilot, or filmmaker. It’s hard being a twelve-year-old genius! No doubt this contributed to us both claiming to be Maoists in the mid-seventies.

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For what it’s worth, here’s a link to Seattle Reproductive. Good folks we got to know very well during our months of working with them. Just so you know, I have no link with them whatsoever and receive nary a dime for posting this.