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I’m just taking a stab at this but, assume you know how it works. I dont charge ou for athing on the site. There area no tiered memberships, and no special phone calls from me for memers of the Mitton Elite Club. Mostly I just want to write. I do publish essays and that typically puts a paywall between you and my writing. I sell books on Amazon, too, for that matter. If you can, I would love, love, love a donation of some sort. A cup of coffee is nice as I drink it by the gallon. Decaf only, please. And if ou feel an urge to buy me a Porsche GT3 that would be nice, too.
Im not sure if anyone else stretches them selve out ike this, but I do, and am happy to see how the experiemnt unfolds. I call it the creative’s model. Wont you join me? Right next door. Thanks!

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