Crumb – The pastor’s last stand

I sense my Pastor has just about had enough. Yesterday he stopped mid-sermon, and said to the crowd, “Did you notice that I didn’t lug my eight-pound study Bible up here to the podium? No? Well let me show you something,” and he held up his I-pad. “This,” he continued,” is an I-pad. It’s pretty nifty and it’s how I read my Bible. I even keep my sermon notes on it. My wife steals it to read books, too.

He went on and I started laughing.

“So please, If you feel compelled to call me tonight at ten PM to complain about how people are looking at their phones during the service, let me say this. First, if you are looking at your Bible or hymnal then it’s got to be hard to rubber neck to see what every one else is doing. And why do you care? Secondly, A LOT of people read the Bibles on their phone. I know it’s not how you did it in the old days, but, well, we lined the aisle with ashtrays back then and you earned a whoppin’ fifty cents an hour.


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