Crumb, Library, Memoir

Crumb – Yo, man. What are you up to today? It’s good to remember…

Cookie crumbs

A friend texted and asked what we’re doing today. I said that (A) my wife and girl are in Columbia. Daughter 1 is lifting weights for an hour (she’s a competitive swimmer…), and then she gets to do speed work for two hours. (B) While they’re gone, I’m cleaning the house and vacuuming the pool. (C) Daughter 2 is working on her robot, programming some newfangled censor, and (D) when my wife gets home, we’ll go to the horse barn and repair a stall where a couple of boards were kicked out last night. (E) Then we’ll come home to a swim party for six teenage girls with dinner and the fixin’s. (F) When it’s dark, we’ll light fireworks and watch the show. 

All while remembering to rejoice always and pray without ceasing. Sometimes I get too busy to remember.

I wrote this down and thought, whew, that’s more than enough for any mere mortal. Isn’t it a holiday? A day for relaxing and remembering? Loafing? Then, I remembered that, only four years ago, I was on a bike racing training ride and was side-swiped by a four-thousand pound piece of steel, rubber, and plastic doing 70mph. I’m glad now to simply be here, wiping the counters and sharing one more holiday with my family…

Oh. Don’t forget. The Tour de France is on TV now. If you’ve nothing to do for five or six hours you can always watch it and dream big!