Bible Reading Checklist Download

I’ve used these checklists for the past couple of years and make them available to anyone who wants one. It’s easy: click the file name below and when it comes up on your computer, click the download button, and voila! It’s yours.

The Wisdom Reading is set up for a chapter a day from one of the Hebrew wisdom books. And you see that I include a reading list with and without the Apocryphal books. Choose whichever one you like.

Feel free to save these and give them away to anyone you know who might want one.

And while you’re at it, if you want a daily devotional read, just let me know. I forward the Our Daily Bread daily devotional to a mailing list daily. Well, daily except for when I forget to hit send. You can get it yourself – or even get their little paper booklets if you like, but lots of people seem to like getting it from me.

Enjoy! And here’s to good reading for 2023!