Written while the Asbury Revival was hot as coal. I begged for one to be placed in my mouth…


For the last week, I’ve kept a live stream of the Asbury revival on one of my tabs. I’d flip over to it a few times a day, listening to the hippie guitar music I used to play, and just wonder. A couple of kids at the university started it. And kept it going.

On Feb 3, after school and stuff, some kids had an idea to pray and sing together. No doubt they were optimistic dreamers, as many students are. As I was and still am. And with no pulpit pounding, no piercing guitar solos and no big screens, these kids kept playing and singing and worshiping and drawing thousands to the experience. They played straight through the night and stright through almost a month. That’s right. They just kept singing, praying, and worshiping.

It’s reported that 20,000 people came through to experience the event. More are still coming.

I am saddened today, watching the university pull the plug. But not really. It’s a school, after all, and the people who promise moms and dads that they will trade money for your kid’s education say they need the building. It’s time to take the message beyond our doors, they say. Other universities are doing the same thing, and kids at Asbury are looking for a new venue or venues. One report claims the movement has spread to at least 20 other universities. This is repeated over and over. No celebrities. No light show. No pleas for money. People praying, singing, strumming guitars, and experiencing G’s love.

As you expect, there are detractors. I’ve read about the silliness of the entire shebang, about group psychology, and how the patriarchal nature of the school and teachers, and obviously how their theology is way off. So be it. I won’t argue or try to defend other than to say you can always find what you’re looking for.


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