Is this not just about the greatest photo you’ve ever seen? I keep trying to figure out it’s photo shopped, but no one has a clue…

I’ve been writing for decades now, even more if thata’s possible. THe first story I remmber writing was when I was seven and in the second grade. I wrote lots back then, and drew lots, mostly muscle cars, and then remember writing a play in the seventh grade the we had to keep doing over and over for all the classes in school. I didn’t mind: we had a specialt disposition from Mrs. Dean to bring a Playboy to class as a prop and long as we agreed to cover all the nauty bits with paper and papeerclips. Uh, huh.

I’ve sold quite a few things through the yearts but work now on an alomost exclusively donation model. I still sell books on Amazon -it’s the lazy man’s method to get books into as many hands as possoble without doing anything – but everything else is free. To youthe consumer. I like to think of myself as a student of Schopenhaure who said that any real writer writes in blood.

I writw mostly on Cristian and philosphical topics. I write a bit about evolution, too. I write lots of memoir, and well, write about almost anything. All the best writing advice says to hone in on your genre an or topic laiike a laser,a nd then sharpen your focus even more. I do what I do best and ignore advice and put it all here. Ive had a dozen sites over the last couple decades and had four or five going at one time and it wore me out. So I did exactly what you are never to do and am funneling all of it to one site under one roof. I’tsĀ  alittle messy.


It’s all free.

I have a bit of a hippie hangover and am illogically optomistic. As a Christian I am illogically optomistic about G. I beleive whole heartedly that G can and will see to my needs it whatever way and to whatever level of excess advances the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

So it’s all free and ther are ano memberships to pay for, no tiers where you only see things is you pay enough, and I’ve given up publishing for money.

I am, of course, quite happy for you to donate to the casue. I drink a lot of coffee – decaf please – and have fourteen year old twin girls hoping for a Porsche GTS for their 16th birday. That’s a lot of saving.

To donate, go to the right sidebar and domnate what ever amount you wnat to , in what ever frequency you want. Thanks!

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A few notes on media…

I will almost always say a pleasant ‘no thanks’ to our kind offer of doing a book review. I do a lot of book reviews and they are all books I read.



FGor speaking engagments, please contact me at my site email address…if you’ll have me I’m typically happy to speak. I speak at Christian meetings, for writers, for science leaning, and for just about anything I’m interested in and can add to your ideas.



Again, contact me at my site email.


More to the point, I’m happy to talk about anything that interest me and you and will add to your ideas.